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Tim Hortons Winnipeg Lawsuit Explained

Tim Hortons Winnipeg Lawsuit Explained

The news of a woman from Canada suing Tim Hortons caught the public’s attention. The woman stated that the mistake made by the staff was putting cream in her tea. However, he asked for almond milk.

In response, he had a severe allergic reaction and was hospitalized. Therefore, Gabrielle Lien Ho, a resident of Winnipeg filed a case against Tim Hortons, a major Restaurant Brand and International coffee chain.

Tim Hortons Winnipeg lawsuit overview

Tim Hortons Winnipeg Lawsuit Explained

The lawsuit alleges that Tim Hortons has not provided sufficient training to its employees to thoroughly check orders and has not made replacements and modifications to orders. He also mentioned that the franchise should have made him aware of the risks involved when ordering online via the app.

Tim Hortons said in an email response to the Daily Hive that, it takes allergies seriously. When the company was approached, they said, “While we share with guests that Tim Hortons restaurants are not 100% allergen-free environments, we take precautions to reduce the risk to guests who have allergies.”

Ho Almost Died

Tim Hortons Winnipeg Lawsuit Explained

On June 9, 2023, Ho wants to drink tea with almond milk. He ordered the same through the app. In a mall in Winnipeg, on Kildonan, He was working. Ho selected her drink as tea in the app and clicked on “Dairy Product Drop-Down Option.” According to the lawsuit, there is no provision for adding special instructions. He picked up his order from Tim Hortons at the mall and went back to work.

According to the lawsuit, Ho witnessed an allergic condition after taking one sip. He called his mother. Her mother helps her administer the Epi-Pen. A co-worker drove him to nearby Concordia Hospital. On the way there, Ho’s condition worsened. He fainted and couldn’t even walk.

The statement further read, “Plaintiff’s co-workers found a wheelchair and took Plaintiff to Concordia Hospital. At that time the Plaintiff was non-responsive and in a state of Pulseless Electrical Activity, meaning his heart had stopped beating. Various Concordia Hospital employees performed CPR for approximately eight minutes until Plaintiff’s heart returned to beating spontaneously.”

He was then transferred to a mobile intensive care unit at another hospital. Honwas was dismissed on June 12, 2023.

Current Updates

Ho has sued Tim Hortons for general damages he faces such as damages for future medical expenses, future and past loss of income, mental distress, suffering and pain. Jason Harvey, his attorney, said that Tim Hortons should consider various human allergies and improve its application.

To date, none of Ho’s claims have been proven in court. Additionally, neither Restaurant Brands International nor Tim Hortons filed any statement of defense.

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