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Strategi Efektif Pendaftaran BUMN 2023 Lulusan SMA

BUMN (State-Owned Enterprise) registration is one of the main gateways for high school graduates who want to start their careers within large and trusted companies in Indonesia.

In 2023, BUMN will again open opportunities for the younger generation to join various promising positions and fields of work. This article will discuss in detail the application process, requirements, and career opportunities offered to high school graduates.

General Requirements for 2023 BUMN Registration High School Graduates

BUMN Registration 2023 High School Graduates
BUMN Registration 2023 High School Graduates

1. Education

To be able to register as a prospective BUMN employee, applicants are required to have an educational background of at least high school or equivalent. Although most positions require a bachelor’s degree, there are a variety of opportunities open to high school graduates who have specialized skills and are highly motivated.

2. Age

Age requirements are usually also a consideration when accepting BUMN. Potential applicants are expected to be within a certain age range, which varies depending on the type of job and company needs.

3. Skills and Experience

In general, BUMN provides added value to prospective applicants who have skills and experience that are relevant to the position being applied for. Therefore, before registering, it is important for high school graduates to identify and develop skills that suit the company’s needs.

BUMN Registration Process 2023 High School Graduates

1. Administrative Selection

The BUMN registration process begins with the administrative selection stage. Prospective applicants are required to fill out an online registration form and attach supporting documents such as diplomas, transcripts and other documents that may be requested.

2. Competency Test

After passing the administrative selection stage, prospective applicants will take a competency test designed to measure their abilities and knowledge related to the field of work they are applying for.

3. Interview

Prospective applicants who pass the competency test will be invited to take part in an interview. This interview aims to get to know potential employees more deeply, as well as assess their interpersonal and communication skills.

4. Health Test

The final stage in the BUMN acceptance process is the medical test. Prospective employees are required to undergo a series of tests to ensure that they are healthy and able to carry out their job duties well.

Career Opportunities for BUMN Registration 2023 High School Graduates

1. Junior Staff/Administration

High school graduates can take on roles as junior staff or in administration. Main duties include data management, archiving, and supporting the company’s daily operations.

2. Customer Service

Customer service positions are also often open to high school graduates. In this role, they will interact directly with customers, provide information, and address customer questions or concerns.

3. Technical and Non-Technical

Some BUMNs require workers with technical skills, such as technicians or machine operators. However, there are also non-technical positions such as administrative or financial staff that can be filled by high school graduates.

Effective Strategy for 2023 BUMN Registration for High School Graduates

BUMN Registration 2023 High School Graduates
BUMN Registration 2023 High School Graduates

1. Prepare Documents Carefully

Before starting the registration process, make sure all the required documents have been prepared carefully. This includes diplomas, transcripts, and other supporting documents. Ensure that all documents are uploaded in a format that meets company requirements.

2. Identify Key Skills

Understand the skills that are the main focus in the job you are applying for. High school graduates need to highlight the skills they have, both technical skills and soft skills. For example, communication skills, teamwork and a willingness to learn can be the added value sought by BUMN.

3. Prepare Yourself for the Competency Test

Before the competency test, prepare yourself by understanding the format and types of questions that may arise. Take advantage of online resources or reference books to increase understanding related to the field of work you are applying for.

Tips for Success in the 2023 BUMN Registration Interview for High School Graduates

1. Understand the Company’s Vision and Mission

Before the interview, study the vision and mission of the state-owned company you are aiming for. This understanding will help you craft answers that align with company values ​​and demonstrate your fit with the organization’s culture.

2. Show Motivation and Commitment

Clearly convey your motivation for joining BUMN and your commitment to long-term career development. This can include a desire to continue learning, contribute to the company’s growth, and develop oneself in a dynamic work environment.

3. Maintain Professional Ethics and Attitude

Interviews are also an opportunity to show professional attitudes and work ethics. Maintain a neat appearance, give answers with confidence, and show confidence without forgetting to respect the interviewer.

Facing the 2023 BUMN Registration Health Test for High School Graduates

1. Maintain Physical and Mental Health

Facing a medical test, make sure that you are in good physical and mental condition. Getting enough rest and maintaining a healthy diet can help ensure that you can undergo medical tests well.

2. Complete the Required Medical Examination

Follow all procedures and medical examinations required by the company. Make sure that you bring all necessary health documents and provide accurate information during the test process.

As time goes by, high school graduates who join BUMN can take on various career opportunities. Training and development programs provided by BUMN can help improve skills and knowledge, opening the door to promotion and greater responsibility.


BUMN registration 2023 provides a great opportunity for high school graduates to start their career journey. With thorough preparation, in-depth understanding of the requirements and registration process, as well as a positive attitude and high motivation, high school graduates can compete and achieve promising career opportunities in BUMN. With the spirit of never giving up and the determination to continue to develop, the door to success in the world of BUMN work can be wide open for those who dare to take this step.


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