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Besideban Linktree Sexxy Full Museum Bokeh Terbaru 2022

Indonesiaheartbike.id – Looking for bokeh links like the one beside linktree is certainly not difficult to do, because there are many sites that cover this. Whether it’s in the form of films, dramas, anime, live content, or other things. Usually many of them contain tempting things like this bokeh.

Interesting entertainment that can relieve stress, such as linktree sidebands, has been much sought after lately. Fortunately, there are many sites that provide it, there are also a number of applications that you can use anytime and anywhere. If you are curious, then read the discussion below.

Rows of Applications to Open the Bokeh Watching Site Besideban Linktree

In addition to the Linktree Sexxy banIn addition to the Linktree Sexxy ban

Through Linktree’s sidebar, you can find a number of unparalleled and incomparable pleasures. The juxtaposed scenes will increase your lust, thereby satisfying your biological pleasure. Every video here is available for free without having to subscribe or make payments.



With the application that Mimin recommends below, you can watch a number of Linktree videos with satisfaction. In fact, you no longer need to download a VPN to secure and unblock. Because the application below has been confirmed to be safe for your device, and can be used at any time.

1. LightX


As the first application that Mimin recommends for you, you can use LighX to edit a number of bokeh videos perfectly. There are certain parts that you can only edit when using this application. It’s not surprising that the majority of bokeh editors edit their videos via the LightX application.

The editing tools here are fairly complete, such as changing colors, adjusting text, setting size, thickness and color. There are even several other tools that you can find here, such as caricatures, selfie retouch, and various other things here. You can use everything for free.

Application NameLightX
operating systemAndroid 5.0+
Installed10 million+

2. Duaolwiz photo

Twoolwiz4's photoTwoolwiz4's photo

Twoolwiz Photos is the next application that you can use to edit bokeh videos. The features themselves are fully available for you, which will definitely make your edits look cooler. You can easily understand the tools, and find out their uses easily too.

There are quite a lot of cool features available here, such as draw, photo collage, facature, reflection, urban effect, magic filter, double exposure, and many other things. By utilizing these features, your videos look cooler with stable brightness. The video will look more beautiful and pleasing to the eye.

Application NameTwoolwiz’s photo
Size23 MB
operating systemAndroid 4.4+
Installed5 million+

3. Live Boom

Direct ExplosionDirect Explosion

This time the service is in the form of live streaming, where you can see TV shows and bokeh directly on your smartphone screen. You will find a number of professional VJs who will serve you from start to finish. This app seems to be should if you like things that smell like bokeh.

Apart from the presence of beautiful women, you can also find a number of TV shows, films, dramas and others. It turns out that this event is not only available in live form, this event is also available in repeat form. So you can see it again if you didn’t have the chance to see it yesterday. This type of program is very suitable to be played in silence.

Application NameDirect Explosion
Size23 MB
operating systemAndroid 6.1+
Installed20 million+

4. Square Video

Square VideoSquare Video

Many people use Square Video to make video backgrounds more attractive. Apart from that, this application also has other features that will make your videos more charming. Cropping, adding music, exporting videos and sharing them on social media can be done here.

When viewed in terms of appearance, square video has a good user interface with a simple appearance. So it can be understood easily by you and other novice users. Even though the features are standard, I think this feature is able to meet your needs and make your photos look attractive.

Application NameSquare Video
operating systemAndroid 4.0+
Installed100 million+

5. ClipApplause


ClipClaps is a means for many people to see stunning bokeh videos. Because the application has a lot of content that will soothe your mind, whether it is long or short. If the content you upload attracts many people, then you have the potential to become a content creator.



Not only are you proud because your content has lots of likes, but you can also potentially earn some money. Because for every like given by another user, you will get a number of claps which can later be exchanged. The alternative that people usually choose to transfer money is DANA.

Application NameClipApplause
Size32 MB
operating systemAndroid 4.1+
Installed50 million+

6. Connection


If you want to know about the world of editing and learn the basics of using it, then Slice can do that. The reason is that this application has a simple appearance with uses that are not much different from other platforms. So it is suitable for use by beginners to professionals.

At least you know about the basic features in the world of editing, so that it is easier to carry out. When you later switch to a more complicated platform with more tools, you won’t be confused by this. You just need to understand each existing layout.

Application NameSplice
operating systemAndroid 5.1+
Installed10 million+

7. Beta Bokeh Camera

Beta Bokeh CameraBeta Bokeh Camera

Bokeh Camera Beta is widely used by bokeh lovers to capture aesthetic work from every shot. Through this application, you can get stunning work results by combining a number of features available here. Even though it is simple, this application is capable of producing good work.

You can do regular to professional class editing here, because the tools support you for that. There are a number of blur effects that you can apply to your shots, making many people curious about these photos. The blurry effect is a distinctive characteristic of bokeh photos.

Application NameBeta Bokeh Camera
Size21 MB
operating systemAndroid 4.2+
Installed50 million+

8. Image Art

picture artpicture art

This time our discussion is about PicsArt which is very popular with teenagers lately. Maybe the main reason is because the features are complete and quite diverse when compared to other applications. So you can do many things easily, whether it’s cropping, clipart, frames or bolding.

The combination of contrasting filters and effects can make your video look more lively and real when viewed. The mainstay feature here is the magical effect, which will make your photos look aesthetic. You can use everything for free without any fees having to be paid.

Application Namepicture art
operating systemAndroid 6.0+
Installed100 million+

Download link Apart from Ban Linktree Streaming Viral Indo Museum Video

Linktree Addban Download LinkLinktree Addban Download Link

A collection of applications that have been discussed earlier are able to increase your enthusiasm and make your enthusiasm return to normal. Most of them you can download in application stores, such as the App Store or Play Store. However, you can also get the Besideban Linktree download link in a special link.

To view and download, of course you need the Besideban Linktree provider links. To make this easier, this time Mimin will provide a special link for you which you can see after this. You only need to be connected to the internet network to be able to reach these sites.

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