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Cara Daftar PKH Online 2023 Lewat HP Tanpa Aplikasi

The Family Hope Program (PKH) is one of the Indonesian government’s programs which aims to improve community welfare, especially for underprivileged families. Online PKH registration has become the main choice to facilitate the administration process. In this article, we will discuss the steps on how to register for PKH online in 2023 via smartphone without using an application.

Steps for 2023 Online PKH Registration

1. Prepare Supporting Documents

Before starting the registration process, make sure you have prepared the important documents needed. Some documents that are usually required include:

  • Family Card (KK)
  • Resident Identity Card (KTP) for the head of the family and other family members
  • Prosperous Family Card (KKS), if any
  • Health Card or BPJS Health
  • Certificate of incapacity from the local sub-district

2. Access the Official PKH Website

Open the browser on your smartphone and access the official website of the Family Hope Program. Make sure that you access a safe and trusted site to avoid potential fraud.

3. Create a User Account

If you don’t have a user account, click the “Register” or “Registration” option which is usually found on the main page of the PKH site. Fill out the registration form with accurate and complete personal data.

How to Register for PKH Online 2023 via cellphone without an application
How to Register for PKH Online 2023 via cellphone without an application

4. Account Verification

After creating an account, you may need to verify via email or SMS. Make sure you follow the instructions provided to complete this verification process.

5. Log in to User Account

After the account is verified, log in to your user account using the username and password you created.

6. Select the Registration Menu

Within the user account, find and select the registration option. Usually, there is a special option for online registration.

7. Fill in the Registration Form

Fill in the registration form with the appropriate data. Make sure you fill in each column with accurate and clear information.

8. Upload Supporting Documents

When requested, upload the supporting documents that you have prepared beforehand. Make sure the uploaded file is of good quality so that the verification process can run smoothly.

9. Check and confirm registration

Before submitting the registration form, make sure you have double checked every detail filled in. Once you are sure, click the option to submit the form.

10. Wait for the Verification Process

After submitting the form, wait for the verification process from PKH. This process can take time, so make sure you regularly monitor your registration status through your user account.

Important Tips During the Registration Process

How to Register for PKH Online 2023 via cellphone without an application
How to Register for PKH Online 2023 via cellphone without an application

1. Check Internet Connection

Make sure you have a stable internet connection during the registration process. An unstable connection can result in errors in data or form submissions, which can hinder your registration process.

2. Save Proof of Registration

Once you have successfully registered, make sure to save the proof of registration or reference number provided. This information can be used as proof that you have submitted an application, and can help you keep up to date with your application status.

3. Regularly Check Registration Status

During the verification process, periodically check your registration status via your user account. PKH usually provides updates on developments in registration status, and this will help you know whether any additional information is needed or not.

4. Keep personal data confidential

Always be careful when sharing your personal information. Make sure that the site you access is the official PKH site and always check the site’s security before entering sensitive data.

5. Use the Latest Browser

Make sure the browser you use in the registration process is the latest version. This helps ensure optimal security and performance during the registration process.

Common Obstacles and Solutions

1. Technical Error

If you experience technical errors during the registration process, try refreshing the page or changing browsers. If the problem persists, contact the technical support provided by PKH.

2. Document Completeness

Make sure the uploaded documents are of good quality and comply with the specified requirements. If there is a shortage, PKH usually provides notification via your user account.

3. Long Verification Time

The verification process does take time, especially if there is a large volume of registrants. Be patient and continue to monitor your registration status to get the latest updates.


2023 online PKH registration via cellphone without an application makes it easy for people to access social assistance. By following the steps and tips above, it is hoped that the registration process can run smoothly, and social assistance can be provided to underprivileged families in accordance with the program set by the government. Also convey this information to family and friends who need it so that they can also take advantage of this program to improve their welfare.


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