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You can enjoy the most popular Yandex 2020 Indonesian videos in the admin article that you are reading now, guys. Well, are there a lot of Indonesian bokeh videos that went viral in 2020 that the admin will share here? You must be really curious, right?

So, the videos that we are going to share have HD resolution, guys. So, your eyes won’t hurt when you watch it later, even for hours, hehe. Apart from that, the viral Indonesian bokeh video in 2020 that we will share also has no censorship, guys.

So, you will have more freedom in watching and viewing the entire video. Well, you like being annoyed by bokeh videos that have sensors, right? So, that’s why the admin presents a super hot viral bokeh video without any censorship.

Application Videos Yandex Browser Video Download APK

Most popular Indonesian Yandex 2020 videosMost popular Indonesian Yandex 2020 videos

So, because the admin knows that now you can’t wait to watch the viral bokeh video, let’s just discuss it straight away. Check out the list, friends.

1. Node Video Apk

YouTube's most popular Yandex 2020 Indonesian videosYouTube's most popular Yandex 2020 Indonesian videos

You can also make bokeh videos that artists often use for their content using the help of an application called Node Video Apk, guys. Know why?

Well, Node Video Apk is indeed an application that has a large selection of features, guys, where this application also has a bokeh feature embedded in it.

So, making your video bokeh is really easy. All you have to do is just click on the bokeh feature in this application if you have added the video you want to edit.

Later, the AI ​​system or Artificial intelligence This application will process it by itself. And it doesn’t take long, your video will immediately change to bokeh.

Application NameVideo Node Apk

2. Alight Motion Apk

alight-motion-apk Most Popular Yandex Videos 2020 Indonesiaalight-motion-apk Most Popular Yandex Videos 2020 Indonesia

You can also edit or create the most popular Yandex 2020 Indonesian videos using this sophisticated video editor application called Alight Motion Apk. The method? It’s easy.

Still the same, you can add or add the video you want to edit first. Later, you just select the bokeh feature in Alight Motion Apk.

Apart from bokeh, you can also have several other editing processes. For example, changing your video into an animated video thanks to this feature animation keyframe which is embedded in this application.

Apart from that, you can also use the curve feature in Alight Motion Apk to sharpen the colors or actually fade the appearance of the colors in your video.

App NameDown Motion Pro
DeveloperDown Creative Inc.

3. PicsArt Photo and Video Editor

picsart-photo-and-video-editor Most Popular Yandex Videos 2020 Indonesiapicsart-photo-and-video-editor Most Popular Yandex Videos 2020 Indonesia

If you have been interested in the world of editing for a long time, you must be very familiar with this application called PicsArt Photo And Video Editor. The reason is, this application is that famous.

And PicsArt’s popularity in the world of editing is certainly not due to its very sophisticated features, guys. Apart from being sophisticated, this application All in one also again.

Yup, not only can you edit photos or edit videos, this application can even do both. In fact, this application called PicsArt has also prepared several graphic design tools too.

Well, it’s really complete, right? If you are interested in downloading this application, please just use the App Store or Play Store platform, guys. good luck.

Apk NamePicsArt editor
DeveloperPicsArt Inc
Download PlaceApp Store and Play Store

4. Snap Video Editor


You can also try making the most popular Yandex Videos 2020 Indonesia, guys, in this application called Inshot Video Editor. The method? Just use your creativity.

The reason is, Inshot Video Editor has prepared many features, guys. All you have to do is get to know all the features in this application. After that, please just start editing.

Well, one of the features that admin likes the most about Inshot Video Editor is the transitions, guys. Apart from the large number of transitions, the transitions in this application are also cool.

And of course it’s not on the market, guys, because you can’t find it in any editing application. Oh yes, Inshot Video Editor also has aesthetic filters. Try it.

Application NameInshot Video Editor
DeveloperInshot Inc.
SystemAndroid and iPhone

So, if previously you could only watch bokeh videos online, this time we will give you a video with a download link. Please watch and download.

1. Line Camera

line cameraline camera

You must be very familiar with the application called Line, right? Well, this application has an editing application too, you know, guys? And the quality is really good.

Well, the Line Camera application is indeed a photo editing application developed by a South Korean company called Line Corporation, guys.

Well, there are quite a lot, guys tool editing which you can enjoy in this Line Camera application. For example, this application has a feature where there are lots of unusual filters.

Well, what I mean is very aesthetic, guys. In the Line Camera application there are also tons of funny filters. If you are interested, please try using it in your photos.

Application NameLine Camera
DeveloperLine Company
SystemOS and iPhone

2. Kinemaster Editor


Just like other applications, Kinemaster Editor is an application that has lots of interesting editing features, so this application is very famous today.

One of the interesting features in Kinemaster Editor is video transition and speed adjustment. You already know the function of video transition, right?

So, for speed adjustment, the function is not far from making slow-moving videos (slow motion) or on the contrary, the video runs faster.

Oh yes, you can also use the Kinemaster application to create several videos in one video frame, guys. And for other interesting features, you can find out for yourself.

Application NameKinemaster Editor
Download PlacePlay Store and App Store
DeveloperKinemaster Company

3. Motion jump by Lightricks

motion jump for lightrickmotion jump for lightrick

The Motionleap application has lots of things that you can explore too, guys. For example, a feature that can make the clouds or waves in your photo move.

Apart from that, you can also enjoy the classy filters in Motionleap for all your photos. Your photo is guaranteed tone the color willrepair by using this apk filter.

Apk Namemotion jump
Operating systemoperating system

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