{Video 18+} Aplikasi Bokeh Yang Tidak Diblokir 2023 Update 2024

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Unblocked Bokeh 2023 – Bokeh videos are one of the most popular among internet users. Because with this application, users can find various very fun things.

If you hear the term bokeh, maybe you will immediately think of obscene videos or blue videos. And this cannot be denied anymore because it is true.

Basically, bokeh is a camera effect or application that can make videos into a smooth blur. This effect will make images and videos cooler.

However, many editors in several countries use it in making blue videos. Videos like this are certainly one of the most popular shows, especially for men.

And on this occasion the admin will not discuss the blue video, but the admin will share information about several bokeh video applications which we think are the most popular.

Therefore, to get complete information, please read the review below. Make sure you read it to the end without missing anything.

Collection of the Latest Bokeh Video Applications 2024

1. Video Editor: Square Video & Photo Slideshow

This application is made for sharing videos on Instagram. The statue’s square footage is too small for an Instagram-sized photo. Slideshow with 100 photos and music images.

The video is recorded in 1:1 format, also known as Square with a colored background and provides a background blur effect.

What’s that? In addition, there is also a feature to combine several photos or videos in one frame, in collage or grid format.

This 22.35 MB size application is free and free on the Play Store. The latest version has been published so far. The premium features are priced at around IDR 31,000-IDR 83,000.

2. V2ART

What I want to say is that what I want to say is that I want photos and videos, V2ART can provide complete for E.

This application is carried out in use. And permanent memory filter in real time and immediately see the results.

Latest version, latest version, latest version, latest version, latest version, latest version, latest version, latest version, latest version, latest version, latest version, latest version, latest version.

The results were obtained with the help of this 26 MB application. Downloaded by 1 million users with a rating of 4.4 from 16 thousand reviewers, and you can get this application for free.

However, some effects require a paid version to run starting from IDR 16,000 to IDR 139,000.

3. Frame Lapse

Frame Lapse is a feature-rich bokeh video and photo editor application. The video is written simply, quickly and easily. The best way to do this is through video automatically.

As the name suggests, this application actually focuses more on features for creating timelapse videos. The background filter is blurred until the video is recorded stunningly.

Applications are made by the operator until the date of submission. The song was recorded in a video and is even more beautiful. Apart from that, this application provides instructions for use along with FAQs in it.

4. Camera MX

It is a human resource management system that allows users to use the Human Resource Management System, and users to use the Android Human Resource Management System.

Implementation of video quality levels, with timelapse videos that can be used to filter in real time, camcorders that can be used for intuitive viewing.

Until post-production, Camera MX provides various practical tools such as the ability to change brightness levels, trim, give slow motion effects to certain scenes, and can also reduce the size of videos to make them easier to upload.

5. Bacon Camera

Bacon Camera’s Bokeh video app claims to be the first app with manual controls for devices that don’t support the Google Camera2 API.

The maintenance manual can be used for Maintenance, Maintenance and Maintenance, ISO Maintenance and maintenance, raw material and DNG maintenance purposes. What to do at home? GIFs, panoramas and time snapshots.

Bacon Camera is an obvious specialty of those skilled in the field of photography, providing a live histogram feature that can expose lighting distribution data.

However, this application can still provide a bokeh effect on videos quite easily.

6. Cameringo Lite & Plus Filters Camera

Implementation of professional video editing programs. Implementation of real-time technical assistance services is separated from vintage. Cameringo Filter offers premium features with DSLR cameras. What is a direct filter.

There are at least 300 live filters and 20 frames available that can be made according to your wishes. E of course there is a bokeh filter to produce video work that looks professional.

There are two versions available for download: Cameringo Lite filters camera and filters camera and free filters camera.

The price offered to be able to download this paid application which has a rating of 4.3 is IDR 50. 000 which brings additional live filters.

There is no need to doubt its popularity because it has been downloaded more than 500 thousand times. Meanwhile, the Cameringo Lite filter has been downloaded 10 million times.

7. Zoom Camera Free

Bokeh and more optimal images and videos? Free camera zoom could be the solution for you. The application of digital zoom is made with 1000% quality and precision.

This free camera zoom with a download of up to 5 flax supports the dual camera feature. There are also 16 photo scene modes, 8 color effect modes, 4 flash types, 6 focus types, and many more. Camera Zoom is free for free use of Bokeh videos.

You can choose the storage folder options according to your wishes. For only IDR 20,000 – and the latest version of the Zoom Camera application with only 1.8 MB of memory.

8. Stop Motion Maker

Video implementation of stop motion films. And also automatic or manual shooting. Stop motion, timelapse and Cray animation.

Exporting photos or videos is also not difficult. Additionally, the motion-jpeg format is compatible with Sports data editing as well as the motion-jpeg format.

As a stop motion video, and as a stop motion video, as a stop motion video and a stop motion video. No need to stop the movement!

9. DSLR Camera HD Ultra Profesional

The final recommendation for the most sophisticated bokeh video maker application is DSLR Camera HD. Most of the app models are for Android. Blur editor with help enjoy here.

The first thing you need to do is make photos from the video of what to do.

Blur level from blur level from blur level from blur level, remote control with remote control, volume buttons to adjust filters and effects, and much more.

The final word

So, those are some of the bokeh video editing applications that we think are the most popular this year. You can download this collection of applications in the application store which is of course free.

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