Tutorial Hijab Segi Empat Simple dan Modis untuk Wajah Bulat

The rectangular hijab is one of the most common hijab styles worn by Muslim women. This style is very versatile and can be changed according to your wishes and preferences. For women who have round faces, choosing a hijab style is very important so that they can emphasize the beauty and perfection of their face. In this article, skuylahcom will discuss a rectangular hijab tutorial that is simple but still fashionable, especially for women with round faces.

I. Preparation and Materials

Before starting the tutorial, make sure you have prepared some basic materials for this rectangular hijab. Some of the materials needed include:

H2: Choice of Hijab Material

Choose a hijab material that is light and easy to style, such as chiffon or cotton. Avoid materials that are too thick so that the hijab folds easily.

H2: Supporting Accessories

Prepare several supporting accessories, such as pins, brooches, or bandanas that can be used to add a fashionable touch to the hijab.

II. Steps for a rectangular hijab tutorial for round faces

Simple and Fashionable Rectangular Hijab Tutorial for Round Faces
Simple and Fashionable Rectangular Hijab Tutorial for Round Faces

H2: 1. Arrange the Square Hijab Well

Start by arranging the rectangular hijab properly. Make sure the long and short sides are in the right position, and the hijab forms a neat rectangle.

H2: 2. Placement of the Hijab on the Face

Position the hijab slightly higher on the top of the head and let the long side hang down on one side. This helps give the visual impression of a longer face.

H2 : 3. Fold formation

Crease shaping is the key to highlighting the beauty of a round face. Fold the hijab at the forehead and arrange it gently so that it is not too tight.

H3: a. Avoid folds that are too flat

Avoid creases that are too flat on the forehead, as this can make the face look wider. Gently widen the crease to give dimension to the face.

H3: b. Use a Pin or Brooch

Use pins or brooches to keep the pleats in position. Choose accessories that match the style and color of your hijab.

H2: 4. Hijab Solution

Double check your hijab arrangement and make sure everything is in its place. Adjust the long sides of the hijab to create a symmetrical arrangement.

H2: 5. Addition of accessories

To give a fashionable touch, add accessories such as a bandana or brooch on one side of the hijab. This can draw attention to certain parts and give a more interesting impression.

III. Additional Tips for Round Face Hijabs

H2: a. Choose a suitable color

Choose a hijab color that matches your skin color and clothes. The right color can give the impression of a thinner face.

H2: b. Avoid wearing the hijab too low

Avoid wearing the hijab too low on the forehead, because this can make the face look shorter and rounder.

H2: c. Consider Layering

Try adding layers to your hijab in different styles to create dimension and highlight facial features.

IV. Inspiration for rectangular hijab styles for round faces

Simple and Fashionable Rectangular Hijab Tutorial for Round Faces
Simple and Fashionable Rectangular Hijab Tutorial for Round Faces

H2: a. Simple Drapery Style

Create a simple drapery style by widening the long sides of the hijab and letting it hang on one side. This style gives an elegant impression and elongates the face.

H2: b. Modern Turban Style

If you want to look more modern, try a turban style by rolling the hijab around your head. Make sure to leave a little part at the front to accentuate the shape of the forehead.

H3: i. Choose neutral or pastel colors

For turban style, choose neutral or pastel colors which can give a clean and fresh look.

H2: c. Bohemian Style with Bandana

Add a bohemian touch by adding a bandana to the top of the hijab. Fold the hijab as usual and place a bandana to add a unique accent.

H3: i. Choose a contrasting motif or color

If you choose a bandana with a contrasting pattern or color, make sure it matches the color of your hijab or outfit.

H2: d. Asymmetrical Style with Layering

Create an asymmetrical look by adding layers to the hijab. Let some layers hang on certain sides to give dimension to the face.

H3: i. Use a light hijab

Make sure the layer of hijab you add is made of light material so that it is not too heavy on your head.

V. Hijab Care and Maintenance

H2: a. Wash and Store Properly

It is important to take good care of your hijab. Wash the hijab according to the care instructions and store it in a dry and clean place.

H2: b. Replace regularly

Maintain a fresh hijab collection by replacing it regularly. Choose a hijab with a color and style that suits the latest trends.

VI. Final Conclusion

Wearing a rectangular hijab for a round face is not only about covering your head, but also about how you arrange and style the hijab so that it emphasizes the beauty of your face. Experiment with different styles and accessories to find the look that best suits your personality and style. With a little creativity, you can look fashionable and still adhere to Islamic dress principles. Happy hijab!


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