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Spanish donkey: The most brutal killing method in medieval history

Spanish Ass: Imagine a time when torture was not only a punishment but also a form of entertainment. In the dark corners of history, there is a method so painful that it can disfigure or even kill its victims. This method, known as the Spanish Donkey, was a torture device designed to cause unimaginable suffering. The victims are forced to straddle narrow, pointed ledges, their fate determined by gravity and geometry. The longer they endure this torment, the more severe the consequences. Some were even subjected to the additional cruelty of fire beneath their feet. Thankfully, we are spared from witnessing such horrors in the present. Let’s delve into the horrific details of this brutal practice that will make you appreciate the convenience of our modern world. Let’s find out more here: cupstograms.net.

Spanish Mules: A Horrifying Method of Torture


In historical records, there are stories of unimaginable suffering and cruelty. One method of torture that makes the hairs on the back of one’s spine tingle is the Spanish Donkey. While we may romanticize the past, it is important to recognize that our current times have saved us from the horrors of this brutal practice. Let’s delve into the dark depths of history and explore the gruesome details of the Spanish Mule.

Description of the Spanish Donkey

The Spanish mule, despite its harmless appearance, is a tool designed to inflict unbearable pain on its victims. Resembling a gymnastics pommel horse, this torture device has a pointed triangular tip facing upwards. Its deceptively simple design hides the immense suffering it can cause. The victims were made to sit on the narrow top edge, often made of metal, as gravity and geometry conspired against them.

Torturous Experience and Additional Torture

The suffering caused by the Spanish Donkey is beyond comprehension. The victims, who were in a precarious position at the sharp edge, experienced excruciating pain as their weight pressed down on them. To compound the torment they endure, some poor souls attach restraints or weights to their ankles, further exacerbating their suffering. The amount of time a person spends sitting on this horrific contraption determines the severity of their suffering.

Severity and Potential Consequences

Prolonged exposure to Spanish Donkeys can result in permanent disability or even death. Its thin edge, which cuts through flesh, could theoretically split a person vertically, leaving a grisly sight. The brutality of this method makes it one of the most horrific forms of execution in history. What’s worse, sadistic torturers sometimes light fires under their victims’ feet, causing them to writhe and writhe in unimaginable pain.

Sadistic Touch and Historical Use

It is horrifying to know that even prominent figures in history used the Spanish Mule as a means of punishment. Reports indicate that George Washington himself used this method on his soldiers for minor offenses. Originally designed with women in mind, the offenders, without any clothing, were forced to straddle triangular-shaped pieces of metal covered with planks, creating a terrifying sawhorse-like structure. The Spanish donkey is proof of how cruel humans can be.

Thankfully Avoided Testifying

As we reflect on the horrors of the Spanish Mule, we can be thankful that we are spared witnessing such barbarity in the present. This is a reminder of the progress we have made as a society, where justice is served through humane means. Let us cherish our freedom from the terrors of the past and strive to create a world where such heinous practices remain only a matter of historical record.

As we reflect on the past, it is important to remember that while we may romanticize certain aspects, we were also lucky to escape some of the most horrific practices in history. One such torture method was the Spanish Mule, a brutal and torturous instrument used to inflict unbearable pain on a person. Shaped like a pommel horse with the pointed triangular tip facing upwards, the victim was made to sit on the narrow upper edge, often with a brace or weight attached to exacerbate the pain. Prolonged exposure can result in disability or even death. Shockingly, this method was reportedly used by George Washington on his own soldiers as punishment. Thankfully, we are spared from witnessing such horrific practices in the present day. Appreciate the safety and progress we have achieved!

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