Contoh Soal PTS Bahasa Lampung Kelas 4 Semester 2

Students who want to take the exam must have very good equipment. Likes to study hard and is also diligent in filling in existing questions. To find additional question references, you can see several examples of PTS Lampung Language class 4 semester 2 questions in this article.

Indeed, students often carry out learning activities every day at school. However, there is nothing wrong with students preparing more thoroughly for the exam. In order to get very satisfying grades and make your parents proud.

For those who are confused about where to look for references, you can continue reading the article. Because currently we are providing several recommendations for questions that may come up during the mid-semester assessment. Just look at some examples below.

Example of PTS Lampung Language Class 4 Semester 2 Questions


For students who are still in school, they will certainly be very afraid of exams. This exam is one of the scariest moments for most students. So, so as not to be afraid of facing exams at school, students must prepare themselves first.

The preparation that students can make now is by carrying out learning activities. Studying before exams is very important for all students. Because to gain extensive knowledge about subjects, students must carry out learning activities.

As a way to carry out fun learning activities. To get references to other studies. Students can read several examples of PTS Lampung language class 4 semester 2 questions below.

Lampung Language Multiple Choice Questions

Below we will provide several multiple choice questions for Lampung language lessons:

1. Lampung’s typical food is…

A. Utilize
B. Dabu-dabu fish
C. gudeg
D. Pecel

2. We are in Lampung province, where the capital city of Lampung province is located…

A city
B. Kotabumi
C. Pontianak
D. Bandar Lampung

3. In Lampung script there are letters that can be used, how many letters are there…

Chapter 12

4. In Lampung the word ‘Ngawil’ means…

A. Sleep
B. Crying
C. Fishing
D. Smile

5. There are several types of traditional clothing for the Lampung people, one of which is the crown. We usually know the crown as…

B. Word
C. Peci
D. Hat

6. The elephant trainers at Way Kambas Park usually have the nickname…

A. Elephant Director
B. Pilot
C. Machinist
D. Operator

7. ‘Lunik’ means…

B. Soft
C. hard
D. Big

8. The meaning of the sentence Rani lapah sekula is…

A. Rani is a student
B. Rani always goes to school
C. Rani went to school
D. Rani walks to school

9. Lampung’s heroes are…

A. Raden Intan
B. Cut Nyak Dien
C. Diponegoro
D. Teuku Umar

10. Usually the child letter ‘I’ is located on the parent letter.

A. Bottom
B. Sisi
C. Top
D. middle

Some Lampung Language Essay Questions

Well, if you have listened to several examples with multiple choice types. Now you can see some sample questions essay for students who wish to take the mid-semester assessment. The following is an example of a Lampung language PTS essay question for class 4 semester 2:

  1. Create a character for ‘Dang Miwang’!
  2. Name several types of Lampung regional dances! (minimum 2)
  3. Lapah โ€“ Dani โ€“ Sekula โ€“ Mit
    Arrange the random words above into perfect sentences!
  4. Write down some Lampung regional songs that you know!
  5. Write down the meaning of the sentence ‘Jino is a fan of torches’ correctly!

Answer Key to Class 4 Semester 2 Lampung Language Questions


Indeed, answering all the questions in this article is very exciting and enjoyable. Because you don’t get bored of just relying on books to carry out learning activities. So, for those of you who have successfully filled in the questions we provided above.

Students can test the extent to which they have mastered the knowledge of this lesson. The way to do this is by checking or correcting all the answers that students have answered. Don’t worry, this article is complete including the answer key.

The following is the answer key for the multiple choice section:

  1. A. Utilize
  2. D. Bandar Lampung
  3. Chapter 12
  4. C. Fishing
  5. B. Word
  6. D. Operator
  7. Small
  8. C. Rani went to school
  9. A. Raden Intan
  10. C. Top

The following is the answer key for the essay section:

  1. In accordance with teacher policy
  2. Cangget Dance, Siger Pengunten Dance, Bedana Sembah Dance
  3. Dani is hungry for Sekula
  4. Cangget Agung, Puncak Sai Indah, Pang Li Pandang, Cangget Agung, Tanoh Lado, Sang Bumi Ruwa Jurai, Tepui-tepui and many more.
  5. Jino went to look for firewood

These are some discussions regarding examples of Lampung language PTS questions for class 4 semester 2. We hope that all the discussions in this article can be useful for students.

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