Cara Nonton Piala Dunia U17 di HP

The U17 World Cup is one of the most prestigious football tournaments for players under the age of 17. For football fans, watching this match can be a thrilling experience.

However, not everyone has the free time or access to television to watch the game live. Fortunately, with technological developments, we can now easily watch the U17 World Cup via handheld devices such as cellphones (HP).

In this article, we will discuss in full how to watch the U17 World Cup on mobile.

Steps to Watch the U17 World Cup on Mobile

How to Watch the U17 World Cup on Mobile
How to Watch the U17 World Cup on Mobile

1. Choose a Streaming Platform

The first step you need to take is to choose a streaming platform that broadcasts the U17 World Cup. Some popular platforms that frequently broadcast sporting events include the official FIFA app, streaming services such as ESPN or beIN Sports, and the official websites of tournament organizers.

2. Download the Official App

If there is an official application for watching the U17 World Cup, you should download and install the application from your cellphone’s application store. Official apps usually offer better streaming quality and provide exclusive access to additional content such as highlights, statistics and player interviews.

3. Create an Account or Login

After downloading the app, create an account if necessary or log in using the credentials you already have. Some platforms may offer viewing options without an account, but having an account can give you full access and ease of navigation.

4. Select Schedule and Matches

Once logged in, look for the section that displays the U17 World Cup schedule and matches. Usually, streaming platforms provide the option to view the complete schedule, previous match results and highlights.

5. Make sure the internet connection is stable

In order to watch the match smoothly, make sure your internet connection is stable. Streaming quality will be affected by internet speed, and a slow network may cause buffering or poor image quality.

6. Select Streaming Quality

Many streaming platforms provide the option to choose the streaming quality. If your internet connection is strong, you can choose the highest resolution for optimal viewing experience. However, if your internet connection is limited, choose the appropriate quality so as not to experience interference during the game.

7. Use Additional Features

Explore additional features that streaming platforms may provide, such as the option to rewatch matches, watch highlights, or access other exclusive content. This feature can add excitement to your viewing experience.

Alternative Ways to Watch the U17 World Cup on Mobile

How to Watch the U17 World Cup on Mobile

1. Use a Subscription Streaming Service

If you have a subscription to a particular streaming service, check to see if they provide access to U17 World Cup broadcasts. Some services like Hulu, Netflix, or Amazon Prime Video may offer additional packages or collaborations with sports providers to broadcast games live.

2. Take advantage of Social Media

Some social media sites such as YouTube, Facebook or Twitter may broadcast matches live or provide links to official streaming platforms. Make sure to follow the official tournament, team and organizer accounts for the latest information.

3. Use the Online TV Watch Application

There are many online TV watching applications that can be downloaded via the cellphone application store. Some of these apps provide sports channels or live broadcasts that you can access easily. Make sure to choose an application that is legitimate and trustworthy.

4. Pay attention to the Match Time Zone

Consider time zone differences if the U17 World Cup is hosted in a country with a different time zone. Make sure to adjust the match schedule to the time zone you are in to avoid the disappointment of missing a match.

5. Use a VPN If Necessary

If you are in a region that does not have access to the U17 World Cup live broadcast, consider using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) service to get around geo-restrictions. By connecting to a server in the country broadcasting the match, you can access the content virtually.

6. Follow the Latest News and Updates

Make sure to stay connected with the latest news regarding the U17 World Cup. Read the latest information about broadcast rights and streaming service providers to ensure you don’t miss out on access to the matches.


With the advancement of technology and various options available, watching the U17 World Cup on your mobile has become easier than ever. Choose the option that suits your preferences and needs, and enjoy the experience of watching world-class football in the palm of your hand. Immediately take the steps above, and support young talents on the global football stage!


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