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Cara Masuk Akun WhatsApp Orang Lain di HP Kita, Mudah!

Currently, many people use the WhatsApp application for various daily communication needs. Because as an application, WhatsApp has very diverse features. There is even a way to enter other people’s WhatsApp accounts on our cellphones.

Users can not only communicate but also send various data anywhere. Including it can also be used as written evidence of someone’s words. This is one of the reasons why users want to log into other people’s WA accounts.

There are many other reasons with clear objectives that make users want to do this. Actually, there are also those whose goals are negative. In the end, everything must be considered carefully so as not to violate someone’s privacy or even violate the law.

Reasons for needing to log in to someone else’s WhatsApp account


It cannot be denied that there are several special situations or conditions that force someone to log into someone else’s WA account. Usually this is related to urgent matters and obtains approval from several related parties. The following is the discussion:

1. Child Supervision

This is related to the supervision carried out by parents on underage children. The goal is to avoid harmful content or potentially risky interactions. Even so, communication between parents and children is still important and this is done with mutual agreement.

Things you want to avoid include cases of social media bullying that occur to children. Or attempts at harassment, fraud, and other things of a criminal nature. However, this supervision will not be carried out unless it is considered dangerous.

2. Recover Lost Accounts

Sometimes things like this can happen. So the account owner can ask for our help to enter their account according to their own agreement. However, after the account is recovered, they can change the login access and password so that we can’t log in again.

3. Lost Device Tracking

In some cases where someone’s device is lost, either due to forgetting, negligence or because it was stolen. We can help them by opening their account from our cellphone. Of course, when doing this, the account owner is with us to do it.

4. Account Owner Has Died

This happens quite a lot because many parents or others use this application to communicate. When they die, their account usually has to be unlocked to deactivate them. This way you can avoid account misuse.

Apart from that, it is also to respect their memories and privacy while they were still alive. Whatever is in their WA account communication no longer needs to be discussed. Usually this is done with the approval of all close people or family of the deceased person.

How to Log in to Someone Else’s WhatsApp Account on Our Cell Phone


In Indonesia alone, there are more than 170 million people who use this application for daily communication. If it is necessary and conditions require it, then logging into someone else’s account is permitted.

There are several ways you can enter other people’s WA accounts using your cellphone. As explained in the following discussion:

1. Via WhatsApp Web

The first way is via WhatsApp Web. So you will need a laptop or PC connected to a device such as a smartphone (link devices). Follow the method below:

  • Connect the app WhatsApp the person with the WhatsApp Web application on your laptop.
  • As usual, this is done through the settings menu on the device scan barcode on the laptop.
  • When connected, the computer screen will show the contents of that person’s WhatsApp.
  • Return it the position of the device on the screen is normal.
  • As long as the WA screen on the laptop is not removed (signed out), WA activity on the person’s device will continue to be monitored via the laptop.

The advantage of this method is that other people’s WA activities can continue to be monitored as long as they don’t leave the application. This means that the news or conversations carried out are “Real-Time”.

2. Via Gmail

How to enter someone else’s WhatsApp account on our cellphone can also be done via a Google Mail or Gmail account. It’s just that the data or information obtained is not real time. The following are the steps to do it:

  • Open WA application on the other person’s device then go to the menu “Arrangement” (arrangement)
  • Then select the menu “Chat” (chat) continue with “Chat History” (chat history)
  • Click the “option”Chat Export” which is usually located at the bottom of the screen
  • Select a chat account (chat room) which are desired
  • Decide whether you want including media or not
  • So write down the Gmail address the purpose of sending the chat results.
  • Click “Send” (Send).

The account owner himself will not realize that his chat results have been exported to our Gmail account. But after that we also can’t see new chats or messages that occur afterwards. Only what has happened or not in real time.

How to Login to Someone Else’s WhatsApp Account on iPhone

Generally, there are many instructions for logging into other people’s accounts that are done via an Android device. But this time it turns out there is also a way to do it via an iOS device such as an iPhone. To do this you will need the App Hider and Airdrop applications.

So the first step is that you have to download and install the two applications. You can download it from the App Store and install it directly on the device you are using. Just continue as follows:

  • Open the phone the person while opening the application air droplets.
  • Go to menu”Security and Remote Features
  • Continue by selecting the option “Desktop Notifications” and activate it with “ON
  • Because you have downloaded the application App Hiderthe Airdrop application will not be discovered.

How to enter someone else’s WhatsApp account on our cellphone using the application

There are several applications available on the web that also have functions or are often used as eavesdropping or spy applications. The following is the discussion:

1. Clone App

The advantage of this application is that you can operate two WA accounts on one device. So this application is often used to tap other people’s accounts. Just download this application to your cellphone and follow the instructions.

2. Clone Messenger App

Like other clone applications, this application can clone someone else’s WhatsApp account to your cellphone or to another cellphone. It has many features and is suitable for wiretapping without the owner knowing.

3. Social Spying

This free application really caused a stir because it could hijack WA. So it is considered possible to spy on the targeted WA account. Even though it is said that the results are less than convincing, this application is still used by many people.

Users don’t even need to download the application but just go to the official site at https://socialspy.info/whatsapp/. Then just fill in the designated WA account number by entering the country code (+62 for Indonesia) and then the number.

Then click the “buttonSend” then perform human (not robot) verification. Then click the “buttonVerification via Survey”. On the survey page you will be asked to answer three survey questions. After completing the survey, you will be shown a collection of WA chats from that person’s account.


There are many ways to enter someone else’s WhatsApp account on our cellphone. However, it is highly recommended not to use it for negative purposes. Because it can violate the ITE Law regarding misuse of social and electronic media which violates someone’s privacy.

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