BreakUp With Ex Ashley Cain

Who is Safiyya Vorajee new partner? Is she in a relationship with the new guy? Safiyya Vorajee’s followers are curious about her personal life, particularly regarding rumors about a potential new partner.

Born on August 16, 1987, in Nuneaton, Warwickshire, Safiyya Vorajee initially trained as a dental nurse before becoming an aesthetic practitioner.

Alongside her professional pursuits, she owns Mz Pretty, her cosmetics business.

Safiyya gained public attention for her relationship with Ashley Cain, a former footballer and reality TV star, which became official on Instagram in January 2018. However, the couple separated in 2022.

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Safiyya Vorajee New Partner 2023

As of the latest available information, there has been no official news or public statement from Safiyya Vorajee’s new partner in 2023.

While rumors have been circulating about her potentially having a new partner, Safiyya has remained private about her personal life, and no details have been confirmed by her or through official channels.

Despite the separation, Ashley Cain and Safiyya Vorajee have maintained a strong connection through their shared experience of the tragic loss of their daughter, Azaylia Diamond Cain, to a rare form of cancer.

Safyya Vorajee New Partner
Safiyya Vorajee With Ex Ashley Cain (Image Source: people)

Both have dedicated themselves to The Azaylia Foundation, working to address the shortage of specialized doctors and treatments for childhood cancer.

Her ex, Ashley, recently opened up about a challenging conversation with Safiyya regarding his friend’s pregnancy, highlighting the significance of honesty and respect in their evolving relationship.

He acknowledged the emotional difficulty tied to the upcoming birth of his new child and expressed the lingering impact of Azaylia’s absence on such moments.

Ashley emphasized the enduring support and respect between him and Safiyya despite their separate paths.

Safiyya Vorajee BreakUp With Ex Ashley Cain

Ashley Cain and Safiyya Vorajee decided to part ways shortly before the heartbreaking anniversary of their daughter Azaylia’s death on April 25, 2022.

The couple issued a joint statement acknowledging the pain caused by the tragic events and expressed their enduring love and support for each other.

Despite the end of their romantic relationship, they emphasized their commitment to living together and continuing to support one another.

The breakup was officially confirmed through a statement released by Ashley and Safiyya.

They revealed that the decision to divorce had been made a few months earlier but had been kept private as they navigated their journeys.

Despite their challenges, the statement highlighted that the past few months had reinforced their bond as best friends, spending time together daily, and affirmed their everlasting love, care, and support for each other.

The couple had not been seen together on social media since Safiyya posted a photo of them at Good Morning Britain the previous August.

Ashley and Safiyya had openly shared their emotional journey on social media, documenting Azaylia’s battle with a rare form of cancer.

The heartbreaking news of Azaylia’s passing was shared on Instagram, where both parents expressed their deep grief and love for their daughter.

In memory of Azaylia, they established the Azaylia Foundation, a charitable organization that assists families in raising funds for non-NHS treatments and providing memorable experiences for children battling cancer.

Despite personal setbacks, such as Ashley’s withdrawal from a charity boxing about, their commitment to raising awareness for childhood cancer and supporting affected families remained unwavering.

Morning Vorajee Kids

Safiyya Vorajee and Ashley Cain, despite their separation, marked the sad second anniversary of their daughter Azaylia Diamond’s passing on April 24, 2021.

In separate Instagram posts, Safiyya indirectly conveyed the ongoing pain of losing Azaylia, emphasizing the void left by her absence and the profound impact she had on their lives.

She pledged to continue Azaylia’s legacy by advocating for positive changes in childhood cancer treatment, expressing gratitude for the lessons learned from her daughter.

Safyya Vorajee New Partner
Safiyya Vorajee New Partner (Image Source: Instagram)

In response to Safiyya’s post, Ashley Cain described Azaylia as “beautiful, strong, courageous, and so special.”

He expressed deep love and longing, promising a future reunion. In his post, Ashley shared photos from the emotional service held two years ago, commemorating the heartbreaking day they laid Azaylia to rest.

He highlighted Azaylia’s lasting impact on their lives and the global community, emphasizing the enduring legacy of love, strength, and heartfelt support for those in need.

In the comments, Safiyya joined the emotional exchange, acknowledging the day as the “most heartbreaking” for parents and expressing everlasting love for Azaylia.

She praised Azaylia as a hero, proud of her ongoing positive impact on their lives and other children. Safiyya and Ashley share a poignant journey of enduring love for Azaylia’s mem.

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